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Friday, November 19, 2010


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The illustrations are fun and playful and definitely worth a look. If they don't inspire you to make art they'll at least give you some creative ideas for playing with your food at your next meal.

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Traditional cuisine Levantine Levant region than Syria. Though now divided into Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine, the area has traditionally been more united, and most of those cuisines. Although almost identical, there are some regional differences in the Levantine region.

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Some of the best chefs in the country to train their staff to do something special that makes the food look more appealing - how to compose a plate! This corresponds to choose a base and combine shapes and colors on paper - except on a plate. Let them be creative and find ideas for great flavor to add to their plate. Some children do not like a food to touch each other, they may cause.


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Food in Art is one of the most creative Art you can say.As Art is considered first people think about drawing, painting, potmaking etc., but by seeing this blog they think about food also as an Art.


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Cooking is a type of Art.As we discuss with top most chefs even they say that cooking is a type of Art.


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