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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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Photoshop Clipping Path

Inspirational to say the least! Some gorgeous imaginations at work!


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Some time we want to express our inner feelings. Thanks for the tips.


Encaustic paintings form a separate tradition in the field of art. The basic requirements for these work are slightly different from the other forms of paintings. Thanks for those information on encaustic paintings.

Air Jordans

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Mn Twins Tickets

It may feel like no one reads this, but some of us do. I gave up doing my blog for that reason and now I just post on other peoples.

Kari J Young

Hello There...

I noticed that a photo of my artwork has been used for this article without my permission or mention of my name as the artist...

In the future if you would like to use my artwork please have a link back to my site, thank you VERY much!

Kari J Young

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