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Friday, July 23, 2010


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Thanks for the account.Whatever i have read about Michelangelo was in my history classes in school.Got to know a lot of unknown facts about him in this post.Thanks for making me acquainted with Michelangelo the person.

Nicole Jordan

I know michaelangelo because of his sistine chapel ceiling and his pieta sculpture for its superb craftsmanship but with regards to his life, i may say that i barely knew him. What a great insight to know the reason why his nose was crooked. Little details like this is important if you really want to know the real miichaelangelo.

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Thomas Coleman

This is very interesting that he created most of his famous works when he was young.

Tom Ambrozewicz

There are many things uncertain about "M" and "fact" that he created his best art at young age. According to neurosurgeon R. Thomas Fields who writes in "Scientific American" and art historians, while painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo concealed a message the church would have found blasphemous.

Apparently, Michelangelo included human brain diagram in the image of God. It could well have been a comment on "the enduring clash between science and religion", and that strained relationship with the Catholic Church. Don't forget, Michaelangelo was also highly skilled anatomist.

As a result of this, he wasn't "desirable" artist anymore. He's lifestyle choice certainly didn't help either.

There are rare occassions when unknown work of his turning up here and there (recently, small (16-inch) wooden carving of a crucified Jesus, was purchased by Italian government for $4,000.000).

He was also hired (again) by Catholic Church towards the end of his life to plan dome for St. Peter's Basilica. He's actual sketch was found recently in Vatican, after nearly 500 years after his death. The only reason he didn't finish it was that he died before work could be completed.

So, I'd rather say that he did his best known work in his 20's, not necessary the best overall as still, there is a chance that some of his best is hidden somwhere in the Vatican basement..

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Yes who knows what treasures they have hidden in the Vatican basement. I visited the Vatican and the Sistine chapel was amazing. Such incredible talent. I had always read about it but to visit and see it was really worthwhile.

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It seem s that all the world's most talented people create there best work when young. Maybe it's a motivational issue, maybe it's how the brain functions and reaches its peak in early adulthood.

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I think he is great,for he had created many works ,which are very famous,he should be respect from the people in the world.

Derek - Worldwide Holidays, India

It's the quirks that keep our great men human and part of the human race. If they were perfect and talented, they would be gods. I'm happy though, that they have their quirks. It holds out hope for us, lesser mortals.

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Thank you for the little known info about Michelangelo. Great artists like Michelangelo never get recognized as such until hundreds of years after the fact.

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Extremely informative, and more so by Tom on his comment highlighting the age old Science vs Religion aspect, and justifying the younger aged "M's" accomplishments.

Seventh-day Adventist

nice post...thanks

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oh my good perfect ...


Thanks for sharing Such a nice information with us.I really like your Information Which you have provided.

David Rose

The nice thing about history is, it always reveals things to the casual observer. I have found many interesting tidbits through time, and this information about Michaelangelo will make an excellent addition to my font of knowledge. Thank you.

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his sistine chapel ceiling and his pieta sculpture for its superb craftsmanship but with regards to his life, i may say that i barely knew him. What a great insight to know the reason why his nose was crooked. Little details like this is important if you really want to know the real miichaelangelo.

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Like many other artists of his generation, I believe Michelangelo's true genius came from his faith in God. No matter what our passion and vocation, we can all apply that lesson to our own life.

Mark Blayney

There's a story in a Robert Green's 48 Rules of Power that Michelangelo was given the Sistine chapel commission at the instigation of a rival sculpter who wanted to see him make a mess of it. Some mess!

pacotes turisticos

I loved this information on Michelangelo thank you I'll put on my blog

Cal Phillips, Interior House Painters

With attention to detail, M is one of the greatest artists of all time, his work endures.

Marty Cairns

i wish we had things like this in the backwater of Cairns , but we've only got natural wonmderts...........oh well


The amount of work that the man did, surpasses many a modern artists even in this age of mass production.

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I think michaelangelo is a very talented man. He is using his creativity to create something new.


I can't help but wonder what would have happened if his father had been a successful banker. Michaelangelo would probably have been forced into that occupation as well. Just goes to show what can happen if children are allowed to choose their own life's work.

Robert B.

Michaelangelo is one of my favorite historical people to study. I was happy to stumble across this blog post as it revealed some information that I had never known before. Of course my favorite wok of his has to be the Sistine Chapel.

Bilete de Avion

I didn't knew he died at 88. Nice article.

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