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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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tera gold

Thinking really is a very strange thing, it allows people to come up with strange things, funny things funny, full of artistic things, from these pictures, we can see that Abstract Expressionist Painting of the profound.

sto credits

you always give us good information about the Painting tips and techniques.although i am not a professional painter,i really learn many things from your bolg.thanks very much.i will keep on pay close attention on your blog.

art paintings

Very great abstract paintings and techniques! This is my first visit here. I will definitely come back for more wonderful paintings. Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

oil paintings

Interesting writing! Are there any predictions that you maybe willing to divulge in order to illustrate your second section a bit more? cheers


"Abstract expressionist art gained its popularity in the 1950s as a backlash against rampant McCarthyism. Abstract expressionist painting allowed artists to create without fear of being accused of sympathizing with communists."

Wow, that ties it up rather neatly, doesn't it. Could there be other reasons, too?

Coach Outlet

Thank you for your articles on you blog. I had learned so much from your blog articles.


I really like your poesrcs, have seen a lot of videos and like the way it goes! I was wondering about how you pin/ stretch it up while your painting. How did you pin it up, while keeping it stretched so you paint, without it bouncing around?


Thanks for this post it's very inspirational. As a lapsed artist its very inspirational.

André Pillay

Seeing and learning about artist's methods of abstract painting is interesting. I enjoy the association of metaphor and symbolism in some paintings.

This article provides a brief overview into abstract painting.

caroline omegle

this has to be the best most useful blog ive found thanks :0

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